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19.09.2003   Monitoring systems - the clue to information


20.11.2002   Analytical Processing of Open-source Data

     Traditionally public press is the most universal and frequently used channel for getting information. Nowadays it is possible to get the data on wide range of questions interesting for both reconnaissance and counterespionage sections of the Security Service (SS) of a business subject. But the search requires professional arrangement.

13.11.2002   How Not to be Lost in the Ocean of Information

     The proverb "Who seeks always finds" gained a number of shades during the epoch of Internet: when he will find it, what he will find and how faster than others?

27.09.2002   Question of Search

     No matter how many efforts and money are put in information production, it value becomes apparent only when it appears in the right place and in the right time. The task of the latest information delivery becomes more and more complicated. Who would like to do it for free?

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