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Question: Do I need to install any software on my PC to use your system?

Answer: No. No software is necessary to use the system. You access the system through a regular web-browser (e.g. Internet Explorer), entering your login and password on the project's home page.

Question: How can I subscribe to the service and how long does it take?

Answer: You can complete an online order or contact the customer service department by phone to make out an invoice. The e-mail and password provided by you will be activated next day after the payment.

Question: Can I connect additional sources to the system?

Answer: Yes, of course. However they should be interesting to a substantial number of project users. Please, send links to the interesting from your point of view sources to support-unian@finporttechnologies.com . If you need to monitor highly specialized sources, we recommend deploying a corporate information-monitoring system, which would reflect your specific needs. For more detailed information please contact the technological partner of the project Finport Technologies Inc. or visit the website http://www.webobserver.info/

Question: What are the main features of technical side of "UNIAN-Monitor" service?

Answer: Basically, the main service represents a network agent, which screens hundreds of thousands publications and chooses only necessary for a user ones. Adjusting the system to screen only important for a user information sources and flexibly customizable filters allow exclude information trash from custom newsfeeds and news alerts. Actually, you pass to the system the search, monitoring and delivery of fresh materials from the Internet

Question: What main disadvantages of free search engines did you manage to avoid when developing your product?

Answer: The main disadvantage of search engines is their inability to sort new documents in the database from the old ones. Hence, if the same search operation with the same search parameters is repeated day-by-day, it only boosts the resulting list. Week spot of traditional search engines is also the rare periodicity of browsing mass media websites - newspapers, television and radio stations, while some engines (e.g. Rambler) do not index dynamic pages at all. Therefore the results of the queries seldom contain the links to materials from frequently updated sources.

In general, Internet-monitoring, which is based on utilization of search engines is extremely labor-intensive, expensive and defective in terms of receiving efficient and complete information. Only specialized monitoring system Web-Observer can provide actual and timely selection of publications as it searches only fresh information in real-time unlike weekly intervals, creating reports and notifying the user. Utilization of the product allows the company to reduce expenses for Internet-traffic, when the employees use internal corporate information database.

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